Coastcall Independent Living Service

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Coastcall is a 24 hour support service provided by Yorkshire Coast Homes that enables older, disabled or vulnerable people to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Coastcall is tailored with different service levels to meet the customer's individual requirements and provides peace of mind with the knowledge that, with the use of our emergency call equipment, 24 hour response and support is available..


With over 30 years of local experience, we have structured our service to be as fast, reliable and as customer focused as possible. The proof of our hard work is evidenced in a recent survey where 99% of Coastcall customers said that they would recommend the service to a friend, and 98% said they were pleased with the Coastcall service.


We have a multi-level service designed to ensure that you receive the right amount of support and assistance. With prices starting from as little as 33 pence per day, we provide peace of mind at a price that cannot be beaten by other telecare providers.


We have customers ranging in age from 15 to 105, so everyone is eligible for the Coastcall service. If you’re considering signing up, or think a friend or family member might benefit from our service, don’t hesitate to give our office a call on 01723 343075.

It makes sense to be prepared for the unexpected so why not call our office now and be comforted in the knowledge that no matter what the problem, help is just a call away.

To find out more about the Coastcall service, download our Coastcall Leaflet.




Customer Comments

“Staff who have called are very pleasant and always make you feel like they want to make sure you are able to cope with life.”


“The Coastcall team are always friendly and helpful when they help me with my husband who has epilepsy.”


“As I live alone with no other support you have given me just that. I feel safer. Thank you”


“Having had to use Coastcall on at least three occasions the response has been excellent & staff responses second to none. As for staff they have been very understanding and caring.”


“Just to say it is a very worthwhile service. I have a friendly, efficient lady comes every three months to check the equipment.”


“I am very satisfied with the staff and they regularly check my neck alarm piece and machine.”


“We feel secure in the fact it is there for us should the situation arise at the touch of a button.”


“To have the alarm it feels safer when I live alone at nearly 90. Thank you”


“A very good service with prompt response.”


“Very good service. Gives you peace of mind!”


“It is a very comforting service with the knowledge that help is ALWAYS at hand.”


“It is a great comfort to know that help in an emergency can always be called upon.”


“Having Coastcall keeps me independent and gives my family (they live in North Scotland) peace of mind knowing I have help at the press of a button."


“My whole family has peace of mind knowing my wife and I have Coastcall in case of an emergency. We both feel very safe.”


 “It makes me feel secure to know there is somebody I can call.”


 “I do not know what I would have been like without all your help and support.”


*Comments from Coastcall customers in our recent survey