Anti-social behaviour

Everyone deserves to live somewhere they can feel happy and safe without fear of anti-social behaviour. We are committed to dealing with and preventing behaviour that causes problems for others.

Anti-social behaviour is persistent behaviour that upsets, disturbs or frightens people.
For example:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Overgrown and untidy gardens
  • Dog fouling and barking dogs
  • Bad and inconsiderate parking
  • Fights and arguments in the street
  • Abusive and threatening behaviour
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Loud and frequent noise nuisance
  • Theft and other crimes
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Drug dealing


What you can do to solve the problem

Try talking to the person who is causing the problem. Calmly ask them to stop or reduce the behaviour that is causing problems. It’s possible that your neighbour doesn’t know that they are causing a nuisance. If you feel unsure about approaching them, you could try writing a polite letter instead. Keeping records of any incidents and noting dates & times of incidents, what happened, details of any other witnesses, who was involved and how it affected you. Please download our Anti Social Behaviour Recording Form to help you with keeping such details. If you can safely do so, try to take photographs or sound recordings where possible.

You can report acts of anti-social behaviour to Yorkshire Coast Homes in writing, by phone or email, or in person at one of our offices, please click here for our contact details.

Serious incidents of anti-social behaviour, such as violence, threats or harassment should be reported to the Police straight away. You can contact the Police via their non-emergency line, Tel: 101; or, if you feel it is an emergency you should dial 999.

All reports will be kept confidential, but if we decide to take some form of legal action we may ask you to give evidence.


What we can do

If your complaint is against another tenant of Yorkshire Coast Homes, we may be able to take action for you under their Tenancy Agreement. If your complaint is against an owner-occupier, the tenant of a private landlord or another housing association your Housing Officer will advise you what action is possible.

We have partnership links to key local organisations such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Horizons, IDAS and prevention services such as children’s and adult social care.

Scarborough has had a multi-agency hub known as the Community Impact Team (CIT) which includes North Yorkshire Police, based in offices at Scarborough Town Hall, King Street. Agencies such as North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Street Triage Mental Health Services and Yorkshire Coast Homes staff attend regular tasking meetings to ensure cross-organisational working and information sharing.


What we cannot do

Yorkshire Coast Homes cannot:
• Get involved in personal disputes which are not related to housing
• Take legal action on the basis of anonymous reports

We will discuss with you any action that we plan to take for example:
• Visit or write to the person or people you reported
• Visit other neighbours to ask for their views
• Ask you and your neighbours to keep a written record of problems as they arise

If every effort to resolve the problem fails we may, with your help, be able to take appropriate Court action. Failure to tackle such behaviour is likely to result in the behaviour continuing. If court action is deemed necessary, we will support you through this process. The thought of taking Court Action can be a concern to some people but by tackling the problems together and not being intimidated by persistent troublemakers, we can hopefully resolve your problems in the long-term.


To read our full policy on Anti Social Behaviour please click here


Community Trigger

A key aim of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 was to introduce simpler, more effective powers to tackle ASB and provide better protection for victims and communities. The Community Trigger aspect contained in the Act is an initiative designed to empower victims and communities, giving them a greater say in how agencies respond to complaints of ASB.

The Community Trigger is a way for any victim to have their case reviewed, if they feel it should be, and lets organisations look again at what has been done to resolve the issues.  The trigger is not processed by YCH but by North Yorkshire Police who work in partnership with SBC Safer Communities Team to investigate.


To find out more on the Community Trigger, please click below to follow the link to North Yorkshire Police Community Trigger page for more information:



Respect Charter

The Respect: ASB charter for housing (CIH, 2011) provides organisations with a framework to help them ensure a service which is delivered in an effective manner.

YCH is one of the many housing associations which has voluntarily signed up to this charter. The charter can be viewed on the Chartered Institute of Housing website by clicking on the link below: