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Domestic Abuse Awareness Films Launched In Whitby

Yorkshire Coast Homes (YCH) has teamed up with Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), to produce and launch a pair of films aimed at raising awareness of some of the domestic abuse issues that are prevalent in our communities.



The films were launched to the public on Wednesday 7th March at an event held at The Coliseum Centre in Whitby.

The two organisations chose the short film medium as the most effective platform from which to give examples of the warning signs of domestic abuse while also challenging the attitudes and beliefs about its acceptability in our society. The films explain how people can access support and both include IDAS contact details for those who may wish to get in touch.

Filmed in the Whitby area, the films illustrate two different but equally damaging examples of abuse and how each can remain hidden or even accepted within differing age and social groups.

Domestic abuse disproportionately affects 18-24 year olds. Anecdotal reports suggest that negative attitudes and beliefs impact upon young people’s expectations of relationships and that these can be more prevalent in rural areas. One of the films explores how the use of mobile devices and advancing technology has led to abuse being carried out on multiple platforms, hidden from view. The application of “checking behaviours” that impact upon someone’s ability to make choices and participate fully in their own work and social life can be a warning sign of a controlling relationship.

Equally harmful can be the controlling behaviour within relationships where one partner exerts extreme pressure over the other, restricting basic freedoms and inflicting physical, verbal and emotional damage to ensure that his or her mastery is maintained.

YCH Customer Care & Support Manager Patrick Chandler said:

“The work that IDAS does in the local community, specifically with many of our tenants, is vital to tackling domestic abuse.  YCH recognises that there are a number of negative impacts on individuals, housing, and the community that relate to domestic abuse and if we are to combat this and help people who are at risk become safe, then it is essential that organisations like ours work in partnership with specialist providers like IDAS.   There has been an inspiring enthusiasm from everyone involved in this project from start to finish, including committed support from the Whitby community which I’m sure will translate to making a big impact in engaging people who are at risk of abuse.”

IDAS Community Engagement Officer Carmel Offord added:

“We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with YCH and members of the Whitby community on this important project. YCH have produced the films with staff members playing a key role in writing scripts and even acting. The films highlight different types of abuse which many people may not realise have such damaging, long lasting effects. Most people are aware that physical violence in a relationship indicates domestic abuse, but often the emotional and financial aspects of abuse are not so obvious. If everyone is aware of the warning signs of different types of abuse we can do more to keep people safe. We would like to thank the team at YCH and all the actors who took part.”


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