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Universal Credit count down with Yorkshire Coast Homes

Universal credit is to be rolled out in the Borough of Scarborough from Wednesday 30th May 2018.

The Money Management team here at Yorkshire Coast Homes are working very hard to assist as many customers as possible in order to prepare people for the coming changes.

From today (14.5.18), YCH will be posting a Universal Credit Count Down Update everyday on social media and the YCH website up until the date of the launch:


  • 16 days to go (14th May) – “Universal credit is paid in calendar monthly in arrears. The first payment will be made 1 month and 7 days after the claim date and then on that same date every month thereafter. In extreme circumstances payments can be requested fortnightly to help with budgeting.”


  • 15 days to go - "Did you know, if you have three or more children you are unable to make a new claim for UC until 2019."


  • 14 days to go - "UC provides help with childcare costs for working families of up to 85% towards the cost."


  • 13 days to go - "If you claim Universal Credit (UC) and have an existing Housing Benefit claim, you will receive a two week run on to help with rent costs at the start of your UC claim."


  • 12 days to go - "Do you know about the Benefit Cap? Unless exempt, this will cap your UC award to £1,666 per month."


  • 9 days to go - "Remember! You have to be working age to apply for Universal Credit."


  • 8 days to go - "Did you know Universal Credit is only available for brand new claims. However if you know that you will be financially better off you could elect to make a new claim for UC after the 30th May (Please seek specialist advice)."


  • 7 days to go - "Under #UniversalCredit, help with your rent is normally paid directly to the claimant. If you would rather this be paid directly to YCH get in touch so that we can arrange this."


  • 6 days to go - "Your new claim for UC MUST be made online. For assistance with making your new claim you can contact us on 0345 65 56 56 or click the yellow box to the right of your screen to Live Chat with an agent."


  • 5 days to go - "To help with day to day expenses an ‘Advance Payment Loan’ is available once your new claim is accepted. This is re-payable over the first twelve months of your claim (please take specialist advice)."


If you are worried about the introduction of Universal Credit and how it will affect your finances, please remember that you can always speak to a member of the team. Call 0345 065 56 56 and ask to speak to a YCH Money Management Officer or alternatively you can log onto YCH Live Chat on a Friday morning and speak directly to a member of the Money team online.



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  1. Universal Credit Support - Scarborough 21 Aug 2018 09:00

    If you are a YCH tenant and would like help and advice with Universal Credit claims or assistance with the new Gov.Uk Verify online process then please drop in to one of our morning sessions. 

    All sessions will take place in the YCH Employment Support Hub (in the YCH Scarborough Reception area) Monday to Friday from 9am until 12pm

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